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Guided tour in the exhibition

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Your trip to the bird cliffs at Runde starts with a stop at Runde Environmental Centre. Visit the sea bird exhibition, learn more about the area and see the famous Runde treasure from the Dutch shipwreck Akerendam. 

If you book a guided tour you are sure to get the most out of your visit to Runde. Hear the stunning story about three divers who found a fairytale like gold treasure in 1972 just outside of Runde. Or learn more about the birds coming to Runde each year. You can even see the birds with your own eyes in the sea bird exhibition at the Centre. A part of the guided tour also contains a must see documentary. One of the world's greatest natural phenomenon takes place every year off the west coast of Norway. “The Silver of the Sea” is a spectacular film about gigantic herring shoals, a fragile ecosystem, and the great dramas of the deep.

Enjoy a meal out in the jaws of the ocean

In the café you can we offer small meals, sandwiches, coffe and cakes. 
The food we provide is always home cooked and often inspired by the ocean. We also strive to use local and ecological ingredients.  

When to visit us

Groups of minimum 15 people can come throughout the year, and in the summertime, we are open every day. For more information about opening hours see below.
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Season: April 14. April 18. to 21. | June 9. to August 19. - every day
Opening hours: 12 pm to 7 pm
Duration guided tour: 1 - 1,5 hour
Meeting point: Runde Environmental Centre
adults 135 kr
children (4-15 years) 85 kr
senior/students 105 kr
family max 7 people 400 kr
groups from 15 people 105 kr
- tickets to the exhibition
- guide
Notes: tickets will be validated before entrance. The ticket will be valid for the day and time its bought. 

Booking closes 1 hour prior to departure.
Tickets can also be purchased in the cafe upon arrival. 


→ watch the magnificent documentary Silver of the seas
→ explore the exhibition and learn more about the sea birds from a knowledgeable guide
→ listen to the story about the shipwreck Akerendam and see the Runde treasure with your own eyes


  1. Runde Miljøsenter